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Asian escorts can seduce you with their sultry looks, pert breasts, satin soft skin and lustrous skin. A touch, a naughty smile or tempestuous look is more than enough to get you to do what these escorts want. They are experts and know how to seduce a man with their gentle touch, soft voices and sensual looks. If you are wondering what are some of the things that Asian escorts can do to seduce you or any other customers, read on and get amazed.


There is nothing more erotic than a sensual striptease. These 24 hr escorts have mastered the art of stripteasing and as they remove each clothing item with erotic moves, it will drive you crazy. You will want to rip the clothes off their bodies and at the same time, you will not want the striptease to stop.

Oral Without Condom

Not all Asian escorts offer this service, but there are many that do. The trick is to find the right Asian escort who will provide you the most satisfying BJ of your life. You can rest assured that the escorts are healthy and they expect the same from you. The BJ can continue until you attain a happy ending or you can ask the escort to stop and finish it off with sexual intercourse. The choice is yours and you can tell the escort what you prefer.

Erotic Massage

Do all asian escorts provide massage services? It all depends on locations and service. The erotic touch of an Asian escort can drive you to frenzy. The sensual act of the massage can evoke a number of sensations in your body that you did not know exist within you. Many Asian escorts are certified massage therapists and they can transform the simple act of massaging into something sensual and erotic without you realising it. Be prepared to get the biggest erection ever by the time the massage finishes.


Most men dream of having two women at the same time, but most are unable to fulfill this fantasy. Thankfully, you can now make this into a reality with two Asian escorts. Alternatively, you can invite your friend and the two of you can have your way with one escort. The choice is yours, depending on what you want and are comfortable with. You can be certain the pleasure you experience will be out of this world!

Lap Dance

One of the first things that an Asian escort learns is lap dancing. There is no better way to seduce a man than a sensual lap dance. It can drive you crazy as the sexy moves will entice you and make you feel hot. You will not be able to resist touching the escort as she sexily shakes her booty near your face or grinds it into your crotch.

Girlfriend Experience

Something as innocent as a girlfriend experience can easily seduce you. If you truly want to know how Asian escorts are so successful in what they do, it comes from knowing how to seduce a man using girlfriend experience. They behave as your girlfriend, smile, giggle, and touch your thigh or arm like a girlfriend would and it can get you all ready for the action that awaits you. The innocence is the winning feature of this service and goes a long way in seducing men.

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Taking a Shower

Many Asian escorts use the act of showering to seduce men. They invite you to sit in the bathroom as they shower and lather soap all over their bodies. They use the erotic touch on themselves and the act can be so sensual that you will rip your clothes and join the escort in the shower. You may want to take her while standing, but that is okay. You are not alone, as many men do it.

These are some of the incredibly hot things that elite escorts London do to seduce men. You can be certain that by the time they finish, you will be so hot and raring to go. You may end up having a happy ending without her even touching you! What more could you ask for? So, go ahead and find your ideal Asian escort today and be prepared to enjoy one of the most sensual and erotic experiences of your life. You won’t regret it.

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