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Tom, a prolific tech based official from Zurich got the opportunity of his life when he was sent to Manchester an onsite project to represent his company at one of the widely acclaimed International Conferences of Trade and Commerce and Technology. As he checked out from the Manchester airport, the chilled breeze of the Great Britain flirted impishly with his whole body and he felt like stepping into heaven as it was his first visit to the beautiful and glamorous city of Manchester. The moment he moved across the beautiful roads of the city, his soul felt rejoiced to its core.

A lavish Audi was waiting for him, he went inside and headed towards his hotel. He checked into his room and rejuvenated each and every cell of his body.  After getting freshen up, he reached the conference venue and was hailed by a warm welcome by the organizers. Representatives of different organizations tried to entertain the visitors and guests from all around the world with the nuts and bolts of their organizations. He enthralled the visitors with an inspiring speech and in return received a remarkable acclamation. Amidst innumerable glasses of wine and scotch, he shook hands with the visitors during the dinner cum networking time.

Midst the misty nocturnal, his Audi halted in front of one of the finest pubs of Manchester – The North Bar. He ordered a posh scotch, and his gaze ran all around amidst the maze of nimble laser lights. With every sip of the scotch and sight of the intimate couples copying in the amorous aura of the pub, he felt lonelier. He remembered the unforgettable pleasures of long and steamy nights he spent with his divorced wife.

His carnal trance was broken by a gentleman who handed him a card of Manchester Escort Agency. He glanced at the card, and the reverie for a lustful night ahead started enveloping him.He contacted the Escort agency and asked them about the available Escorts in Manchester. He picked up a beautiful girl from the lot. He asked the agency to send the girl immediately at the Pub. The girl arrived there in less than half an hour, and Tom greeted her with a crooked smile. They exchanged a few drinks. Then they decided to head towards the hotel. Amidst intense smooches, hugs, and caresses, they reached the hotel room.

Next morning, he woke up with a sense of a deep satisfaction and relaxation. He got fresh and went outside to finish up his remaining works. After finishing up his work, he decided to spend the remaining time visiting the acclaimed tourist places of Manchester. He was mesmerized by the beauty and magnificence of the places he visited. At night he boarded the flight back to Zurich after bidding good bye to the city of Manchester with a feeling achievement and joy. Oh! He will cherish the entire Manchester trip forever in his life.

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